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Are house movers worth the money?

The value you place on a home removals company really depends on how easy you like these stressful times in life to be.

For a home removal company we visit first of all to have a discussion with you about moving home and the services we offer can be discussed in detail if you wish.  We have a look around your property, see the items to be moved, ask if you would like us to dismantle your larger items such as beds and wardrobes and discuss the packing options with you if this is a service you would like.

Once we have all of the information required we prepare your removal quote and like to email this to you the same day but in most cases you will have your quote on the following working day.

We call to ensure you have received your quote and answer any questions you may have and then leave you with your quote to make your decision.

Many of our customers, over 500 reviews to date, are thrilled that they chose us to complete their home move as we aim to take all of the stress away from you making your home moving experience with us as smooth and stress-free as possible.

By the time you have hired a vehicle, paid for insurance, moved the items yourself, loaded them correctly into the vehicle and unloaded the items into the right rooms you may have wished you had contacted a removal company for a price and then make a decision.