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How do House and office Removals work?

If you decide to move property with our company whether that be home or commercial moves then our staff will have carried out a survey of your goods to be moved.

They will arrive between 8.30am-9.00am on the day of removal.  They will place carpet protectors on your carpets and protect any furniture which requires extra care.

They will then start to load your belongings onto our assigned removal vehicle.

Throughout the morning, they will wrap any mattresses which need to be protected as well as any settees.

The team will dismantle any furniture which has been identified as needing so and then once all items are loaded on the vehicle they will verify the new property address with yourself.

Once your new property address has been confirmed, they will provide you with one of their contact numbers so you can stay in touch once you receive the keys to your new property.  They will then commence the journey to your new property and once you have access to the new property we will ask for a tour around.   The reason for this is to understand where your belongings need to be placed.

Once the vehicle is unloaded the team will ask to ensure you are happy that all items are where they need to be.  If you would like any items relocating the team will happily do this for you.

Other services we offer are packaging services and this typically takes place the day before removals, piano removals and dismantling and reassembling of any furniture.