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How do I choose a Removal Company?

What should I consider when choosing a removal company?

It is important that you feel confident in instructing the right removal company.  Often our customers say to us we chose you as we got a good feeling from you.

Some steps to ensuring you make the right choice:

  1. Do your research – read reviews, ask friends and family who have moved who they used.
  2. Check the website.
  3. Obtain at least 3 quotes.
  4. Ask questions during your survey.
  5. Ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the services offered.
  6. Read testimonials.
  7. Check the company you choose have a range of differing sized vehicles especially if access at either property is tricky.
  8. Read terms and conditions.
  9. Ensure you are happy with the customer service when booking a survey, check-ins and when receiving your quote.