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How do we take care of our vehicles?

At Mannix Brothers Removals we have a number of different sized removal vehicles.

How do you take care of the vehicles?

As part of our operators licence, we have to comply with legislation this means our larger vehicles are required to be inspected at 10 weekly intervals ensuring they are roadworthy and in good working order.  They also undergo an annual inspection.  Our staff carry out daily walk arounds to check all vehicles before they even leave our depot each day.  The purpose of this is to identify any defects, report these to the Transport Manager and then these are rectified promptly.

How do you keep the removal vehicles so clean?

In between removals or when we have quieter days our staff love to clean our removal vehicles so they arrive to you in the best possible condition.  For the larger vehicles we often call upon a local family business to carry this out for us but the smaller vehicles we take care of.


What size removal vehicles do you have?

We have HGV Removal vehicles for our larger house and commercial removals and we also have smaller vehicles suitable for customers requiring a smaller move or to help if access at properties is a little more difficult allowing us to tranship your belongings carefully.

Are you able to cater for smaller moves?

Yes with our wide range of different sized removal vehicles we are able to offer removals services for flats, houses, offices and can bring items to our secure storage unit if you are in between properties also.