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How do you carry out a removal survey?

One of our experienced surveyors will organise a visit to your property to assess your requirements. They will discuss your needs and then would like you to take them around your property to understand what items there are to be moved. They will advise if any items need to be dismantled prior to moving. We offer optional dismantling and reassembling services which can help you save time and effort during your move.

They will ask if you would like any additional services such as packing your full property or just your breakables.  When we have all of the information required and they have answered any questions you may have them will come away and work on your quote and aim to email this the same day if not then it will be with you on the next working day.

What happens after I receive my quote?

The day we send your quote we will give you a call as a courtesy contact to ensure you have received our quote, make sure all information is clear and answer any questions you may have.

If I wish to use your company what should I do?

We would be thrilled if you decide you would like to move with our company and if so all we ask is that you click the link to accept our quote, by doing so this does not tie you to our company and we do not request any money until you confirm a move date.  At this point we will take a deposit to secure your slot.

What paperwork can I expect after booking?

Once you have paid your deposit for removals and any other services, we will send your receipt and your move/pack confirmation paperwork.  This will detail your personal information, what time you can expect our team on the removal and/or packing day and will advise what the total to pay will be.