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How do you move an upright piano safely?

Moving an upright piano safely require skills, experience and the correct equipment.

How do we move an upright piano?

Moving a piano requires specialist equipment, skills and experience.

When we are asked to undertake this we carry out a risk assessment and assess access by determining where the piano needs moving from and to.

Did you know an average upright piano weighs 250kg.

Steps for how to move an upright piano safely:

  1. Remove kickboard
  2. Secure the keyboard lid.
  3. Label parts that we have removed.
  4. 2 staff are required, correct vehicle with loading capability, correct equipment and key to this is experience and know how!
  5. Piano is moved flat if the access and entry is ok on collection and delivery if not then the piano will need to be moved on its end.
  6. Move piano and push up onto ramp using specialist equipment and onto the correct vehicle.
  7. Secure to vehicle and transport.
  8. Deliver piano securely to new property and fix parts we have removed.
Upright piano

Moving an upright piano carefully

If you need an upright piano moving safely then please get in touch with us.