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How long does it take to pack a house?

What is the length of time taken to pack a household ready for removal?

When we have carried out your free survey we will know the volume of goods to be moved and will also know the box count so we will be able to estimate how long a pack would typically take.  As a general rule if you have a typical 3 bedroomed property then we would estimate it to take between 6-8 hours to pack your belongings.

Do I need to be present when your team come to pack my goods?

If you can be present to show us any important documents or items you would rather we did not pack at the start of the day then you are more than welcome to leave us to carry out your packing services.

Will your team bring all of the resources they require?

Yes our survey allows us to determine the materials we require to complete your pack fully.  If you select a full or part packing service then we will bring all of the materials needed to carry out this service.

How do your team pack?

We start by the customer giving us a guided tour of the property then we work our way around the property packing room by room and normally start in the hallway/porch.

What do you do when you finish?

When we have finished packing we leave your packed items in your property and return the following day to carry out your removal, carefully loading all vehicles.

How do you unpack?

When we arrive at your new property and have keys to allow us entry, we unload the removal vehicle and place all items in the correct rooms where you require them.  We place the labelled boxes in the rooms where the contents came out of.  If you need anything moving to a different room due to space etc our team are happy to do this also.