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How to move a grand piano safely

How do you move a grand piano safely?

With over 30 years experience between us we know our stuff when it comes to how to move a grand piano safely.  We have put together steps below to show how we carry this out:

Using the following steps we are able to securely and safely move a grand piano from A to B with ease:

Moving a grand piano require 3/4 experienced staff members, the correct removal vehicle, correct equipment and a particular set of tools:

  1. Remove the lid and hinges.
  2. Remove piano pedals
  3. Remove front left hand side leg and lower piano onto its side onto the piano slipper.
  4. Remove 2 remaining legs.
  5. Completely wrap piano and secure to piano slipper.
  6. Once wrapped and webbed for security, it is pivoted so we can place the piano wheels under the piano slipper.
  7. Label removed parts and legs.
  8. Safely remove onto appropriate removal vehicle.
  9. Once piano is on the vehicle, remove from the piano wheels and strap to the removal vehicle to secure for transit.
  10. Wrap lid, legs and pedals once on the removal vehicle.
  11. Repeat steps at delivery.

Did you know the average weight of a grand piano is 400kg?

Follow the above steps to ensure the grand piano is removed safely so as to avoid any damage to yourself and/or others.

If you require any piano removing please feel free to get in touch with us for a quote.

Moving a piano is not easy work so please feel free to contact us so this can be carried out safely and securely.

Depending on location for collection and delivery this can take between 2-3 hours to carry out effectively.

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How to move a grand piano safely.

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