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How to safely dismantle and relocate a grand piano

Today our team safely dismantled and relocated a 5″ Grand Piano from Lincoln to its new home in Melton Mowbray.

This involved our team removing the music stand firstly, followed by the pedals, next the piano lid and hinges and then we labelled these accordingly to assist when it comes to reinstalling those.  Remove the first leg and then the remaining elements on the left hand side corner.  Carefully place the piano onto our piano slipper/shoe.  Remove the remaining two legs and label again for ease when it comes to reassembling this.  Once all legs, lid and music stand are removed and labelled we then wrap and strap the piano to secure this for movement onto the slipper, carefully place onto the piano wheels under the slipper ready to wheel out onto our specialist vehicle fitted with ramps and security equipment to secure the load whilst the vehicle is in motion.  All parts of the piano are labelled and wrapped securely.

We then do this all again when the piano is safely at its new address but this time in reverse order.

Trust us with your special items, they will be handled with care and respect as will your property.