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We offer a number of different insurances, please see below for further information:

Late Key Waiver – On completion day some time monies moving between your chain can be slow and from time to time you may not be able to collect keys to your new property in a timely manner.  We therefore offer a late key waiver which if taken covers you on the day of removal should you be delayed in collecting your keys to your new home.  This covers waiting time from 1pm-4pm and allows you peace of mind that you will incur no additional charges on the day of your move.  Without this you will have been given a cost for how much it will be per hour if you decide not to take this out.

Additional liability – We offer a standard insurance to protect your goods and this is £40 per item if there were to be any damage.  This can be increased to offer an additional liability which will cover your items to their current market value if there were to be any damage.  The cost for this will be included on your quote.  Please do contact us if you have any other questions regarding this though.

Cancellation & Postponement waiver – We offer a waiver which will cover any deposit paid should you need to change the date of your removal so that you do not lose this.  Please contact us if you would like a quote for this.

Property damage waiver – We are able to offer a waiver to protect your property if there were to be any damage either at your current property or your new property.  Please contact us if this is something you would like.