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Is there anything we can to help get ready for removal day?

Many of our customers ask if there is anything they can do to help get ready for moving day.

If we are packing for you then you do not need to do anything, sit back, relax and have some tea and coffee ready,  You could take care of any personal paperwork you may require and ensure your phone has plenty of charge.

If you are packing yourself, if you can clearly label your boxes so the team know which room to place the boxes in.  We do sell boxes and they are easier for our team to load all of your belongings onto the removal vehicle by using these.

If we are dismantling any large furniture, we will do this on the day of removal and reassemble this for you at your new property.

If you are dismantling and reassembling please have those pieces dismantled and ready to go as this will speed up the process.

The surveyor would have asked if you would like to pack your own clothes or not at the time of survey and if you do not want to do this we will bring plenty of wardrobe cartons for your hanging clothes and will take of these at both properties.

If you can disconnect any appliances and ensure they are empty of water too please.

If you are able to reserve parking spaces outside or as near to your property as possible please this would aid the team on the day.

Apart from that, if you are happy to offer the odd drink on the day that would keep the team happy and hydrated.