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What is a wardrobe carton?

A wardrobe carton, also known as a wardrobe box, is a type of box used for packing and transporting clothing items, particularly garments that are typically hung in a closet, such as dresses, suits, and coats.

Wardrobe cartons are designed to be tall and have a metal bar running across the top that allows you to hang your clothes inside, just like in a closet. They are usually made of corrugated cardboard and come in various sizes, but the most common size is around 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 48 inches high.

Using a wardrobe carton can make moving or storing your clothes much more convenient and help prevent damage or wrinkles during transportation. Simply hang your clothes on the bar in the box, and they will stay in place during the move. Wardrobe cartons are also reusable and can be used for long-term storage of clothes in your home.

If you are using a professional moving service, they may offer wardrobe cartons as part of their packing materials.

When can I get wardrobe cartons for my move?

We are able to bring these on the day of removal or if you wanted to get more organised then we can deliver these a few days before your move if you need to dismantle your wardrobes.

How many items will a wardrobe carton hold?

Typically a wardrobe carton holds between 10-20 shirts/blouses and if larger items such as coats/suits then we would suggest 10 items of clothing.

What does a wardrobe carton look like?

How do we use wardrobe cartons?